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Five tips for exercising in the office

Incorporating enough exercise into everyday life is often a real challenge, especially for people who work a lot at their desks. So here are five tips for movement exercises you can do without leaving your desk!

Office jobs not only cause stress, but often also lack of exercise. Five simple movement exercises that can be done at your desk can help. (Image: fizkes /

“It’s important to incorporate as much exercise as possible into your daily life, but it can be difficult when you’re stuck at your desk and don’t have a lot of time to work out,” says Dani P. Johnson. , expert of the famous Healthy Living program. Mayo Clinic (United States). She therefore recommends five different movement exercises that can also be performed in the office.

Special movement exercises developed

The various movement exercises have been developed at the Mayo Clinic especially for people who work at their desks for hours. The task here was to find a solution that would allow people to exercise all day without leaving their desks, explains the expert.

“We wanted to do five really simple exercises that you could do with a desk and chair in a confined space, so that movement could be more easily integrated into the day,” says Johnson.

“Five fabulous exercises”

The five exercises recommended by the Mayo Clinic are:

Chair pushups (leaning and pushing on the armrests) – the hands are placed on the armrests and the body is lifted by leaning on the armrests until the buttocks are free in the air. Desk Pushups – Put your hands on the edge of the desk and keep your feet away from the desk. Now do push-ups or bend your arms and then stretch them again. Chair Squats – Stand in front of the chair and do squats, each time with your buttocks lightly touching the seat surface of the chair. Toe Lift (Standing on Tiptoe) – While standing, first pull your toes up, then move to standing on tiptoe or push the heel up. Side Kicks (Lateral Leg Spread) – While standing, first spread the right leg to the side and hold it briefly before returning to the starting position. Then repeat the same with the left leg.

In the contribution of the Mayo Clinic, the implementation of the different exercises is also explained with the help of a video. Overall, the set of five exercises takes just a few minutes and is designed to be repeated at regular intervals throughout the day, Johnson points out.

“If you do this four or five times a day, you’ve really achieved a lot of strength training and bodyweight exercises in a very short period of time,” the expert continues. Finally, exercise during the working day can also have positive effects on productivity. (fp)

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Mayo Clinic Minute: 5 Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Your Desk (published 07/08/2020),

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