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Corona containment measures such as wearing masks will likely remain necessary even with the vaccine. (Image: Lubo Ivanko /

Daily life remains limited even with vaccines

Many people are hoping that vaccines against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will be available soon and that protective measures to contain the pathogen will be relaxed. But measures such as requiring a mask will likely still have to be met once a vaccine becomes available.

Experts expect a corona vaccine in the coming year. However, that doesn’t mean a quick return to normal. The AHA rules will stay with us even longer.

Being together is still limited

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), daily life in Germany should initially remain limited, even with the introduction of a corona vaccine – including wearing masks and distance requirements. The RKI underlined this in a strategy document released on Tuesday.

As a result, one or more vaccines will likely be available in the coming year – and will significantly improve the fight against the coronavirus. However, such a remedy should only be available in limited quantities at the start and particularly benefit groups at risk. This is why “certain modifications of being together” are still important. The RKI understands that this includes keeping your distance, observing hygiene rules, wearing a mask, ventilating and moving leisure activities outside if possible.

A similar article was published two months ago, in which the early availability of a vaccine was considered possible. The RKI withdrew this document a few hours later because it was an obsolete version.

The schedule is fixed

In the document now presented, the RKI formulates strategic objectives: The emphasis is on minimizing the spread and health effects of the pandemic, while social and economic life as a whole should be impaired as little as possible .

“In dealing with Covid-19, we need time-bound and region-bound measures in the weeks and months to come, tailored to the respective risk,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler. Overloading the healthcare system, long-term effects of illness and deaths should be avoided as much as possible, according to the document.

Schools, daycares and travel

The RKI also looks after schools and daycares: previous results have clearly shown that “educational institutions are one of the places that play a role in the infection process”. Nevertheless, it is important to keep them open by adhering to hygiene concepts. Regarding travel, the RKI writes: “Increased mobility (business or private travel) means increased risk.” However, the risk does not primarily depend on the location of travel, but rather on the behavior of the individual in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransmission of the virus.

Vaccinate widely at-risk groups

The RKI advocates the vaccination of groups at high risk against influenza and pneumococci. “Vaccines against other respiratory diseases will play a decisive role in the fight against the pandemic in the months to come, especially during the cold season.” It could protect people and reduce the burden on the health care system. (announcement; source: dpa)

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