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Germs: do not drink tap water directly!

In various places in Germany it has been found that drinking water is contaminated with harmful germs. The authorities stress that tap water should not be drunk directly there. You are first asked to boil water for drinking and for food production.

People in several places in Germany are currently having to boil tap water. Reason for the measure: Harmful germs were found in drinking water (Image: rcfotostock /

In several places in Lower Saxony and in one town in Baden-Württemberg, the authorities asked the population not to drink tap water directly, but to boil it first. The warnings came after evidence of harmful germs in drinking water.

Bring the water to a boil once

A few days ago, the city of Göppingen (Baden-Württemberg) announced in a message that the drinking water in the Faurndau district is contaminated with germs. Therefore, all households were advised, for health reasons, to boil the water once in a bubbling boil with a subsequent cooling time of about ten minutes. The city administration said it would notify the population as soon as conditions returned to normal.

The boil requirement remains in place for several weeks

A so-called boiling requirement currently also applies in the Lower Saxony districts of Clausthal, Zellerfeld, Buntenbock and Wildemann, as stated in a message from the city of Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Enterococcal contamination was found there.

The cause of the enterococcal infection is currently being determined. If the cause can be identified and eliminated in a timely manner, depending on the city, the boil requirement will remain in place for another two to three weeks.

If the cause is not found, the boiling process should continue until a filtration system is installed. It can take up to three months.

Water contaminated with feces

Microbiological contamination of drinking water by enterococci was also observed in the district of Peine. The health department therefore issued a boil water order for the heart of the city of Peine and Telgte. This also applies to food production.

As stated in a communication, water used for drinking, preparing food / drinks or brushing teeth should be boiled once before use. Then let the water cool slowly for at least ten minutes. Consuming boiled water is safe.

Enterococci belong to the group of lactic acid bacteria, they are found naturally in the human body. Enterococci are an indicator of water contaminated with feces and can cause infections.

Additional information

The district of Peine advises that the salads be washed and prepared with boiled water (this also applies to the preparation of dressings, etc.).

Since the water in normal coffee machines does not boil, boiled water should be used or the coffee should be brewed by hand.

If you want to switch to commercially available bottled water, you should consider that not all mineral waters are suitable for infant nutrition.

Tap water can continue to be used without hesitation for personal hygiene, that is, for washing, showering and bathing, as well as for washing clothes and for flushing the toilet.

This preventive health measure should be maintained until several examinations confirm the good quality of drinking water. The district will then notify again. (a d)

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