If you have heart problems or stumbling blocks, make an appointment with your doctor promptly

Appointments with a specialist should not be canceled for fear of a coronavirus infection. (Image: motortion / Stock.Adobe.com)

Due to the growing number of corona infections, many patients are canceling important appointments with their specialist. In the case of heart disease, in particular, therapy is very important to avoid deterioration of health. The German Senior League (DSL) eV underlines this in a press release.

Fear of infection: many people cancel appointments with a specialist

In recent months, many people have canceled their appointments with a specialist for fear of becoming infected with the coronavirus. Reliable treatment, however, is particularly important for heart disease, in order to avoid deterioration of health and dangerous secondary diseases. If, for example, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation is not recognized and treated appropriately, it greatly increases the risk of stroke. The German Senior League has summarized the most important facts in a brochure and website.

Why palpitations endanger the brain

In atrial fibrillation, the regulated process of tension and relaxation of the muscles of the atria is disturbed. This can mean that the blood in the heart chambers is not being pumped properly. The cells of the body can receive less oxygen; Physical weakness, shortness of breath and dizziness can result.

A blood clot can be at risk

In the worst case, the blood stays in the atria for too long and clumps together. If such a blood clot enters a vessel supplying the brain, it can clog it, interrupt the blood supply and thus trigger a stroke. To prevent this from happening, high risk patients need stroke prophylactic drugs. There is a high risk when various factors combine, for example heart failure, age over 65, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Atrial fibrillation – reducing the risk of stroke

The updated booklet “Atrial Fibrillation – Reducing the Risk of Stroke” explains the relationships described and shows the treatment options and possibilities for a preventive lifestyle. The brochure can be requested free of charge in print or downloaded as a PDF from the website. It was produced with the support of Pfizer Pharma GmbH. Ordering address: German Senior League (DSL) eV, Heilsbachstraße 32, 53123 Bonn. (sb, pm)

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PM: Stroke Prevention: If you have heart problems, keep your doctor’s appointments as regularly as possible (accessed October 14, 2020), dsl-vorhofflimmern.de

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