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If you fast and therefore consume fewer calories than you consume, you not only lose weight over time, but you are also actively doing something good for your cells and therefore your health. (Image: Julien Tromeur /

Fasting promotes cell repair

When fasting, certain foods are totally or partially avoided for a period of time. These fasting remedies not only help you lose weight but also bring other health benefits beyond weight loss. Among other things, they promote the repair of human cells, the researchers report.

Many scientific studies have shown that fasting has a positive effect on health. A research team from the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen has now demonstrated a link between calorie reduction and positive effects on cell repair processes in humans.

Fasters are doing something good for their health

People who fast and eat fewer calories than they use not only lose weight over time. On top of that, they are actively doing something good for their cells and therefore for their health: a research group at the University of Applied Sciences in Albstadt-Sigmaringen led by Prof. Dr. According to a press release, Jörg Bergemann has shown in several publications that fasting FX-Mayr therapy has a positive effect on the central functions of human cells.

Stimulation of the cell’s own repair processes

“Several 10,000 DNA damages occur in all of our cells every day,” explains Jörg Bergemann, dean of studies for the master’s program in biomedical sciences. “If these are not repaired, it can lead to serious functional loss and illness.” According to the expert, too little attention is still paid to the importance of stimulating cell repair processes to maintain our health.

“This aspect is extremely important.” For this reason, Bergemann and his team are also working intensively on the development of sensing systems to measure these processes directly on people. “This is not only an important focus of work in the course, but also at the Center for Health and Biomedical Sciences at Innocamp in Sigmaringen.”

Vital functions of mitochondria

According to reports, a publication by Katja Matt is the basis for work in this area. The scientist was able to prove that an FX Mayr fasting cure can stimulate the cell’s own repair. “In addition, stimulated processes have a positive effect on cell aging,” explains the researcher. “This underlines the high therapeutic benefit of these fasting remedies.” The results have since been confirmed by Alica Schöller-Mann. In addition, she was able to show that this form of fasting also stimulates the vital functions of the mitochondria, which act as “powerhouses” of cells and are key suppliers of energy.

And Barbara Hochecker described that these positive effects of a fasting cure can be supported by active ingredients such as spermidine. “Spermidine has a particularly positive effect on the self-cleaning of our cells, the so-called autophagy”, explains Jörg Bergemann. The team is therefore working hard on an autophagy detection system.

With their research, scientists at the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen want to raise awareness of the relatively simple ways in which everyone can actively do something for their health. “If you factor in the number of positive effects a calorie reduction has on the cell’s own repair, mitochondrial functions, and the cell’s garbage disposal, this is an important additional incentive for a fast.” , explains Bergemann. (a d)

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