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How to break down unwanted fat on the stomach?

Is endurance training or weight training better suited for shedding unhealthy belly fat? The results of a new study suggest that neither approach seems optimal. The best way to be successful is therefore a combination of the two training methods.

A combination of strength and endurance training appears to be an effective way to reduce belly fat, according to a study by researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The results were published in the English journal “Advances in Nutrition”.

How to lose fat effectively?

When it comes to the best way to lose fat, some people swear by strength training, while others trust endurance training more. This raises the question of what form of training is really best suited.

Still, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to choose one type of exercise. Because researchers come to the conclusion that both types of training work. But best of all when they work together.

The combined training led to the greatest success

The results of 43 studies examining training styles and their effects have been analyzed in a review article. It has been found that while aerobic exercise tends to be slightly more effective in reducing belly fat, the biggest change occurs when combined with resistance or strength training.

Belly fat increases cardiovascular risk factors

Losing fat in the abdominal area is important for cardiovascular health. For example, a study of Korean adults found that people with a normal body mass index have more cardiovascular risk factors when suffering from abdominal obesity, the researchers report.

Belly fat increases the risk of new diseases

Another reviewed study found that excess belly fat can put people at risk for recurring heart attacks and strokes in those who have had such an incident. In this study, nearly 23,000 people were followed medically for about four years after their cardiac event. In those with higher amounts of belly fat, the incidence of another event was significantly higher.

This is why visceral fat is so dangerous

A healthy waistline is very important in preventing future heart attacks and strokes. Abdominal obesity is made up of visceral fat that coils around organs and can have negative effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin resistance.

So-called subcutaneous abdominal fat is also known to increase inflammation and may increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers.

What is HIT training?

So, for better heart health, it is important to shed excess abdominal fat. A healthy diet and regular physical activity can help in this case. Sport in the form of HIT (High Intensity Training), in which cardiovascular exercises and strength training are combined, is also ideal for promoting fat burning. (as)

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Habib Yarizadeh, Reza Eftekhar, Javad Anjom-Shoae, John R Speakman, Kurosh Djafarian: The Effect of Aerobic and Resistance Training and Combined Exercise Modencies on Subcutaneous Abdominal Fat: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials, in Advances in Nutrition (published on 08/17/2020), Advances in Nutrition

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