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Are fresh vegetables healthier than canned vegetables?

Especially in the cold season, many consumers wonder whether it is better to buy fresh vegetables or whether it is better to use frozen or canned foods. Fresh food is generally considered to be healthier, but is it really still true?

Fresh foods are generally considered to be healthier. But in the case of vegetables, frozen or canned products can in some cases have more health benefits. (Image: hedgehog94 /

Fruits and especially vegetables should be part of the daily diet. Plant foods provide the body with important nutrients. Most people prefer fresh produce here, but frozen or canned vegetables can sometimes be even healthier.

Long delivery routes

Is it always better to choose fresh vegetables? Are frozen and canned vegetables less healthy? Nutritionist Beth Czerwony addresses these questions in an article from the famous Cleveland Clinic (USA).

According to the expert, the fresh is not always the best. Sometimes the fresh vegetables you buy at the supermarket come a long way. Since it was harvested a long time ago, then packed and transported, it has lost some of its nutrients.

Frozen vegetables might therefore be a better option. It is frozen a few hours after harvest, which allows it to store a lot more healthy ingredients that way.

Prefer regional products

Local produce grown near you is also a great, nutritious and inexpensive option. The goods you buy in your local market could have been picked in the morning or the day before. So these vegetables are probably fresher than what you can buy at the supermarket.

Canned vegetables have a very long shelf life. The downside is that they often contain sodium. However, you can also go for low sodium versions or rinse the contents in a colander under running water to remove some salt. So you don’t necessarily have to fear canned vegetables. If you have it at home, you can use it.

Canned tomatoes are healthier than fresh ones

And when it comes to tomatoes, canned foods are probably even healthier than raw products, according to Czerwony. Because canned tomatoes were heated, which increased their lycopene content.

Lycopene is one of the antioxidants that protect the body from so-called harmful “free radicals”. In addition, the carotenoid is said to help lower cholesterol, that is, lower the “bad” level of LDL cholesterol. (a d)

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