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How does blue light affect sleep?

Wearing blue light glasses improves both the quantity and the quality of sleep. Quality sleep has positive effects on health as well as on work engagement and performance of tasks in the workplace.

Glasses with a blue light filter may improve sleep and increase performance at work, according to a joint study by researchers at Indiana University and University of Washington. The study was published in the English-language journal “Journal of Applied Psychology”.

People are often exposed to blue light

Many technologies in use today, such as computer screens, smartphones and tablets, emit blue light, which can disrupt sleep. In recent years, the use of these devices at work has also increased significantly.

Blue light and the circadian rhythm?

The benefits of blue light glasses (glasses that filter blue light) for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen have been reported in the past. The new research expands our understanding of the effects on the circadian rhythm, the natural internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats about every 24 hours.

Data from 63 managers and 67 call center employees were analyzed and job performance evaluations were carried out. Participants were randomly selected to test glasses that filter blue light or they were given placebo lenses.

Night owls benefited more from glasses

Wearing blue light glasses creates a form of physiological darkness and thus improves both the quantity and quality of sleep, which has also been linked to better performance at work. In general, the effects of wearing blue light filtering glasses were greater for night owls than for early risers.

While reducing exposure to blue light is beneficial for most people, night owls seem to benefit more as they face larger gaps between their internal clocks and externally controlled work hours, explain the researchers. researchers.

Increased quality of life thanks to blue light filters?

The model used in the new study shows how and when wearing glasses with a blue light filter can help improve quality of life and work performance. Because daily engagement and task performance appear to be linked to underlying biological processes such as the circadian rhythm, which is influenced by blue light, according to the research group.

Blue light glasses are efficient and inexpensive

“This study provides evidence of a very cost-effective way to improve sleep and work outcomes, and the benefits are huge. Personally, I don’t know of any other intervention that would be so effective at such a low cost, ”said study author Professor Cristiano L. Guarana of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in A press release.

The researchers add that their analyzes show a general pattern that filtering blue light can have a cumulative effect on key performance variables, at least in the short term. (as)

Special glasses with blue light filters seem to have a positive effect on sleep and performance at work. (Image: georgeoprea9 /

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CL Guarana, CM Barnes, WJ Ong: The Effects of Blue Light Filtration on Sleep and Labor Outcomes., In Journal of Applied Psychology (interviewed October 15, 2020), Journal of Applied Psychology Indiana University: The Research Reveals Blue Light Glasses Improve Sleep and Daily Productivity (Posted October 15, 2020), Indiana University

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How Salt Affects Heart Health – Naturopathic and Naturopathic Specialists Portal

When Does Salt Get Unhealthy?

Too much salt can damage the heart. Unfortunately, many people eat foods with excessive amounts of salt – often without realizing it. So here are some tips on the subject of salt and its effects on heart health.

If you consume too much salt, it harms the health of the heart, underlines the cardiologist Luke Laffin of the famous Cleveland Clinic (USA). But how much salt is too much and how to reduce salt intake?

The human body needs salt

Sodium is a mineral that the human body desperately needs. Salt plays an important role in the proper functioning of nerves and muscles. It also helps to keep the body’s water balance in the right balance.

Salt promotes heart attacks

However, too much sodium can cause fluid retention, which can increase blood pressure. In turn, high blood pressure is a significant risk factor for heart attack, stroke and heart failure, the researchers report. Therefore, people with high blood pressure or heart disease should pay special attention to their salt intake.

How Much Sodium Is Too Much?

The WHO recommends a salt intake of less than five grams per day, or about a teaspoon of salt. However, for most Europeans, the daily salt intake is around eight to eleven grams.

With high blood pressure no more than 2300 mg of salt?

A sodium intake of 2,300 milligrams (2.3 grams) per day should not be exceeded in high blood pressure, the researchers advise. If you exceed this value, you will develop other blood pressure problems, the researchers warn.

“Almost everyone with hypertension should follow a low sodium diet,” says Dr. Luke Laffin in a press release from the Cleveland Clinic. This means limiting the daily sodium content to a maximum of 2300 mg. If you can reduce your sodium intake to less than 1,500 mg per day when you have high blood pressure, even better, continues the expert.

Follow a low sodium diet for heart failure

People with heart failure should also eat a low sodium diet. Too much salt can cause fluid to build up around the heart and lungs, which makes the heart work harder. A limit of 2,000 mg of sodium per day is proven to be good value for people with heart failure, especially if they also have high blood pressure, the researchers say.

Heart Failure: Avoid Low Sodium Levels?

There is an important caveat, however. Some data suggests that very low sodium levels in people with heart failure can also lead to worse outcomes. Therefore, if the heart is weak, sodium intake should be clarified by a doctor, advises Dr. Laffin.

Also read on the subject of heart weakness: shortness of breath and poor performance can indicate heart failure!

How does salt intake affect heart health and blood pressure? (Image: dream79 /

Where does most of the salt in the diet come from?

Salt doesn’t just come from the salt shaker, it’s also found in many foods. In fact, shaker salt is a surprisingly low fraction of sodium in the average diet. Instead, the bulk of it comes from prepared and packaged foods, the team explains.

How to reduce salt intake?

When purchasing food, labels must be observed. Staple foods like bread, canned soup, and salad dressing often have a lot more sodium than you might think. Even though foods don’t taste salty, they can still be high sources of sodium. Sausages and even cheese can also contain a lot of salt.

Replace salt with other spices

Salt can be replaced with other spices and condiments. For example, add garlic, fresh herbs, or a squeeze of lemon to enhance the flavor, recommends the Cleveland Clinic cardiologist.

Order unsalted food at restaurants

The main thing that you should be careful about when dining out is to think about your food choices in advance. For example, skip soup, order fish or chicken, and request that they be prepared without salt, advises Dr. Laffin. If necessary, it can still be seasoned at the table. It is possible even in fast food restaurants to have you prepare a hamburger without salt or fries without salt if you ask in a friendly way, underlines the expert.

Is Himalayan salt healthier?

Also, don’t be fooled by different types of salt with an exotic name. Some people think that sea salt or Himalayan salt is healthier than table salt. When it comes to sodium, however, these salts affect blood pressure in the same way, explains the cardiologist. It may seem like a lot of effort to check labels, consciously avoid salt, and optimize your own diet, but your heart will thank you, sums up Dr. Laffin (as)

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Cleveland Clinic: How Does Salt Affect Heart Health? (published October 16, 2020), Cleveland Clinic, WHO Europe: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Salt (retrieved October 16, 2020), WHO

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Breathing difficulty and decreased performance may indicate a weak heart

Heart failure needs to be recognized early

Difficulty breathing and decreased performance may indicate heart failure. It is important to take these symptoms seriously and see a doctor, because if left untreated, heart failure can lead to serious damage to the heart, brain, kidneys, and muscles.

Shortness of breath and reduced performance may indicate that the affected person is suffering from heart failure, warns the German Heart Foundation in a current press release. Medical help is urgently needed here.

How does heart failure develop?

The human heart pumps five to six liters of blood per minute through the body, which supplies the organs with oxygen and nutrients. Damage to the heart muscle, for example from a heart attack or untreated high blood pressure, causes it to lose its pumping power and the result can be chronic heart failure (heart failure).

Consequences of heart failure

Heart failure has negative effects on the heart and other organs. If heart failure is more advanced, it can lead to heart failure or even sudden cardiac death. In Germany, around 465,000 cases of derailed heart failure are admitted to clinics each year. About 40,000 of these cases are fatal, experts report.

Relationship between heart failure and shortness of breath

“The problem with heart failure is that it usually starts with shortness of breath and decreased performance. The symptoms can be unspectacular, ”reports Professor Dr. med. Thomas Voigtländer of the German Heart Foundation in a press release.

Unfortunately, these diffuse key symptoms cannot always be attributed to the heart. This increases the risk that older people will attribute symptoms to their advanced age, accept their consent and not see a doctor. If you suffer from shortness of breath, medical advice should be sought immediately in order to treat any heart failure and its causes, advises Voigtländer.

Treatment of heart failure must be well coordinated

Heart failure is a complex disease process for medical personnel and those affected. Drug treatment, surgeries and surgeries, and lifestyle changes need to be well coordinated.

Main causes of heart failure

The most important causes of heart failure are coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. About 70% of heart failure cases are due to these diseases. It becomes especially dangerous when coronary heart disease and high blood pressure occur along with diabetes, experts report.

Defective heart valves, atrial fibrillation, congenital heart defects, inflammatory heart disease (myocarditis), or alcohol and drug abuse are responsible for about 20-30% of heart failure cases.

Sick people must work actively

For the treatment of heart failure, the active cooperation of the affected person is very important so that the heart disease does not worsen. A so-called disease derailment occurs when drugs are not taken, dosed incorrectly, or combined. Lifestyle also has an influence. Body weight in particular plays an important role.

How can an increased risk of heart failure be identified at an early stage? (Image: comzeal /

What should you watch out for when you have a weak heart?

Due to the use of diuretics, people with heart failure should avoid excessive salt intake and large amounts of fluids. In addition, overloading the weakened heart due to bacterial or viral infection should be avoided, experts say.

Flu vaccination is important

Covid-19 disease can lead to severe disease outcomes in heart patients, which currently makes influenza vaccination even more important, according to the German Heart Foundation. Heart patients are therefore advised to be vaccinated against influenza and pneumococci.

The underlying diseases must be treated

“The best strategy with which we can prevent the worsening of heart failure and the diseases that accompany it such as kidney dysfunction and respiratory disease is to treat the underlying disease and its damaging effects on the heart muscle” , emphasizes Voigtländer.

Physical activity for heart failure?

In cardiac medicine, it was advisable to take care of people with weak hearts. These days, however, it is advisable to engage in physical activities with a lot of movement with relatively little effort, such as walking or cycling. However, resilience must be tested beforehand.

These expert statements show how important it is to recognize heart failure early and start treatment. If you have the slightest suspicion of heart failure, it is imperative to see a cardiologist. (as)

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German Heart Foundation: Shortness of Breath and Exhaustion: Heart Failure May Be Behind (published October 15, 2020), German Heart Foundation

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Popular Corona conspiracy theories

Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus conspiracy theories are rife around the world. (Image:

SARS-COV-2 conspiracy theories are spreading around the world

The uncertainties of the coronavirus pandemic leave many vulnerable to conspiracy theories, some of which are deliberately propagated in order to defame certain people or groups of people. A phenomenon which is known from previous epidemic disasters and which unfortunately repeats itself with SARS-COV-2.

The conspiracy theories on the coronavirus are diverse: Bill Gates is behind and the objective is a forced vaccination of the population and the 5G transmission masts are used to intensify the symptoms of COVID-19! No explanation currently seems too confusing and such theories are spreading faster on social media than an objective clarification of the facts is possible.

Conspiracy theories about the origin and spread of the coronavirus are currently widely held internationally, reports the German Medical Journal, citing a recent study published in the trade magazine “Royal Society Open Science”. Conspiracy theories are by no means a new phenomenon, and even in the Middle Ages, for example, witches were held responsible for natural disasters and disease.

Laboratory viruses?

The current study includes results from surveys in Britain, Ireland, Mexico, Spain and the United States and shows, for example, that many people find it difficult to imagine a natural development of the virus, according to the German Medical Journal.

Between 22% and 23% of people polled in the UK and US believed the virus was generated in a Wuhan lab as trustworthy. In Ireland 26% of respondents, in Mexico 33% and in Spain 37%, reports the German Medical Journal.

Global forced vaccination as a goal

The conspiracy theory that the pandemic was launched to impose global vaccination has fallen on similar fertile ground. According to Deutsches Ärzteblatt, 22% of the Mexican population considered this to be credible, in Ireland, Spain and the United States 18% and in Great Britain 13%.

According to the German Medical Journal, 16% of the population in Mexico and Spain believe 5G transmission masts are used to intensify symptoms of COVID-19, 12% in Ireland and 8% each in Britain and the United States .

Little education and lack of understanding of numbers

The research team led by Sander van der Linden of the University of Cambridge also tried to find out what makes people vulnerable to conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. They conclude that a general lack of education and a lack of understanding of the numbers are important factors. For example, people who join a conspiracy against SARS would often have a probability of 1 in 1000 greater than a probability of 1 in 10.

Little faith in science

In addition, proponents of conspiracy theories often had little faith in science and journalism. They inform themselves more often via social networks and do not trust the World Health Organization (WHO), reports the German Äzteblatt. And while older people tend to cling to conspiracies in other areas, this is not the case with COVID-19. (fp)

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Dipl. Geogr. Fabian Peters


Jon Roozenbeek, Claudia R. Schneider, Sarah Dryhurst, John Kerr, Alexandra LJ Freeman, Gabriel Recchia, Anne Marthe van der Bles, Sander van der Linden: Susceptibility to disinformation about COVID-19 around the world; in: Royal Society Open Science (published October 14, 2020), Deutsches Ärzteblatt: SARS-CoV-2: Conspiracy Theories Internationally Released (published October 15, 2020),

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This protein allows DNA repair – Naturopathy & Naturopathic Treatment Portal

Will it be possible to repair DNA using a protein in the near future? (Image: ipopba /

Can DNA be repaired using protein?

Now a new protein has been identified which actually allows DNA repair. In addition to repairing DNA, the special protein is also able to perform various other functions within cells.

A special protein appears to help repair DNA, according to a joint study by the University of Seville, the University of Murcia and the University of Marburg. The study was published in the famous English-language journal “Current Biology”.

This is how the body protects itself against DNA damage

Ultraviolet rays can damage DNA and lead to mutations that disrupt cell function and allow cancer cells to grow out of control. Human cells have built up DNA repair systems to defend themselves against this type of damage. One of these systems is photolysis. This is based on a special protein that uses blue light to repair DNA damage before it can cause mutations, the researchers explain in a press release.

Evolution has produced cryptochromes

During evolution, genes for photolysis doubled and specialized, creating new proteins called cryptochromes. These have refined their ability to perceive blue light and are able to perform other functions in cells.

What functions do cryptochromes perform?

For example, cryptochromes use blue light as a signal to regulate plant growth and the rhythm that controls daily activity (the circadian rhythm) in fungi and animals, the researchers explain.

Cryptochromes triggered DNA repair

During the investigation, the research group discovered that in the fungus Mucor circinelloides, a human pathogen, cryptochromes are the protein responsible for DNA repair after exposure to ultraviolet rays. This function must in fact be carried out by photolysis.

Proteins and their functions change

The cryptochromes of this fungus appear to have obtained their ability to repair DNA during evolution from a cryptochrome that was actually unable to repair DNA, experts suspect. This discovery illustrates how proteins change as their functions evolve. (as)

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Eusebio Navarro, Nils Niemann, Dennis Kock, Tamila Dadaeva, Gabriel Gutiérrez et al .: The DASH-type Cryptochrome from the Fungus Mucor circinelloides Is a Canonical CPD-Photolyase, in Current Biology (published on 09.17.2020), Current BiologyUniversity of Seville : New protein discovered that repairs DNA (published 10/14/2020), University of Seville

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More Consistent Action Urgently Needed – Naturopathic and Naturopathic Treatment Portal

The Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences calls for much deeper measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. (Image: Michael Stifter /

Leopoldina: Resolved measures are insufficient

A more uniform approach by federal states to corona measurements and better control of the number of infections were the goals of the federal / state group meeting in Berlin on Wednesday. However, from the point of view of the Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences, the decisions taken and the regulations drawn up on the coronavirus pandemic are “not sufficient to control and contain the process of infection”.

For days, the number of new infections with the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus has been increasing by leaps and bounds in almost all parts of Germany and in many neighboring European countries, the infection rate already seems to be out of control, warns Leopoldina . Also in Germany, many infection chains in hotspots can no longer be traced. The measures now decided by the federal / state cycle are not sufficient here to bring the infection process under control.

Increased number of expected infections

A multitude of factors contribute to the fact that the number of infections will likely continue to increase in the weeks to come. La Leopoldina cites as examples the drop in temperatures, the relocation of group activities indoors, the autumn and Christmas holidays and the increase in social activities during the Advent and Christmas season.

In addition, with the onset of the cold and flu season, the health system will be more stressed anyway and face the problem of distinguishing between SARS-CoV-2 infections and symptomatic-type illnesses.

Mandatory and uniform protective measures

“In the days and weeks to come, containment of the pandemic can only be successful if the federal states accept and apply mandatory and uniform protective measures. They must be mandatory from 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days and not just be formulated as a recommendation ”, underlines the president of Leopoldina, Gerald Haug.

Measures recommended by the Leopoldina

La Leopoldina cites the four most important measures in its current statement:

Systematically respect the protective measures: AHA rule (keep your distance, hygiene, daily mask / protection of the mouth and nose) and regular renewal of the air in the rooms as effective, simple and inexpensive measures. Rapid and targeted tests, shorter quarantine and isolation times: targeted tests according to the respective risk of infection; Definition of testing strategies that prioritize particularly vulnerable groups; Digitization measures that shorten the time between testing and reporting results; Provision of decentralized test procedures; Shorten the isolation time after symptom onset to about a week, reduce the quarantine time for people at high risk of infection from 14-10 days. Facilitate responsible behavior: easily accessible information and clear rules; perceive young adults more strongly than before in their special needs. Mitigate the social and psychological consequences: strengthen the offers of help, in particular the increase in psychotherapeutic or psychiatric offers and advice in terms of prevention and therapy; preventive physical exercise.

High risk of infection in these situations

Numerous close contact in closed rooms, little fresh air, a dense crowd indoors or outdoors, and talking in a busy or noisy environment are known to be high risk situations for infection. Properly worn masks over the mouth and nose, regular ventilation, avoiding crowds, and speaking loudly are appropriate protective measures. According to Leopoldina, these must therefore apply in all public spaces, including workplaces and educational establishments.

Rapid and decisive action is required

“If politicians do not act proactively in the face of the foreseeable exponential increase in the number of infections, public life and the economy will be more restricted than would have been necessary”, summed up the experts of Leopoldina in their current statement. In addition, educational opportunities for children and adolescents would be compromised, the health system would be overburdened and individual freedoms would be further restricted. (fp)

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Dipl. Geogr. Fabian Peters


Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences: Coronavirus pandemic: Leopoldina calls for more consistent action (published October 15, 2020),

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Weight loss thanks to this morning routine – Portal of naturopathic and naturopathic specialists

Weight loss through morning exercise

Morning exercise appears to be particularly effective for weight loss. The training doesn’t have to be particularly intense. Even light exercise in the morning can change your mood and eating habits for the rest of the day.

Exercising in the morning can lead to increased weight loss compared to exercising later in the day, according to a study by researchers at the University of Colorado. The study was published in the English-language journal “International Journal of Obesity”.

Greater weight loss through morning exercise

Most older people should know the wisdom: the early bird catches the worm. This also seems particularly true for exercises related to weight loss. According to the study results, exercising in the morning can lead to much more weight loss than exercising later in the day.

During the survey, participants completed a 10-month supervised training program. During this session, they were encouraged to exercise between 7:00 a.m. and 11:59 a.m. or between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Greater weight loss through early exercise

The results showed that after ten months, the group who exercised earlier lost significantly more weight than the group who exercised later. The researchers therefore come to the conclusion that the timing of training can be important in regulating body weight.

What activities have been carried out?

During the study, participants were primarily asked to jog or walk on a treadmill, but there were also occasional alternating activities (such as biking or walking outdoors). If you are interested in a morning workout routine then you need to determine the type of workout first and it is important that the workout is fun. For example, if you don’t like running, you don’t need to start running. In this case, another more suitable course should be chosen, the researchers point out.

What is suitable for a morning workout?

If you like your exercise, you will have more fun and it will improve your mood. It can make a huge difference, especially if you start your day that way, the research team said. For example, walks, cycling, online fitness programs with free weights, yoga, and Pilates are suitable for morning workouts.

Eat right after exercise

It’s also important to keep your body energized after your workout so that you don’t feel hungry all day. After exercise, it makes perfect sense to eat a nutritious meal. Ideally, it should contain protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Providing post-workout protein is especially important for weight loss and for building or maintaining muscle.

Burn more calories with protein metabolism

The results of a study from Texas A&M University show that the body uses more calories for protein metabolism than fats and carbohydrates. Protein helps you feel full after a long period of exercise and helps burn more calories. In other words, you won’t eat as much as the day goes on and you will lose weight more easily.

Eat protein soon after training

In the case of protein, it is important to ensure that it is consumed as soon as possible after training. Protein helps repair muscles after fine tears appear in the fibers, for example through weight training, and contributes to muscle building. The intake of amino acids is also important for muscles to be properly repaired and built.

Getting the day started right helps you lose weight and reduce hunger at the same time. (Image: JenkoAtaman /

Going for a 30 minute walk in the morning and having a cup of coffee and scrambled eggs afterward is a great way to start the day and help you lose weight. The combination of exercise and protein will help your body feel full and energized throughout the day. Such a morning routine is also a good prerequisite for eating healthy and nutritious meals throughout the day. (as)

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Erik A. Willis, Seth A. Creasy, Jeffery J. Honas, Edward L. Melanson, Joseph E. Donnelly: The Effects of Workout Timing on Weight Loss and Components of Energy Balance: An Essay Midwestern Exercise 2, in International Journal of Obesity (published 09.09.2019), International Journal of Obesity Richard B Kreider, Bill Campbell: Protein for Exercise and Recovery, in Phys Sportsmed. (published in June 2013), Phys Sportsmed

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